Stage 2. Design

We start to build your financial plan, to enable you to see your total wealth in one picture. You can then identify how you can achieve your goals and we can work on any solutions you might need.

Your Crucial Number

At the core of your financial plan with be a crucial number - the amount of money you'll need to achieve your goals through the rest of your life. How much that number is depends, of course, on your goals and lifestyle ambitions. Together, we devise a detailed financial plan that makes that figure achievable and sustainable. 

Your personal financial plan will cover any changes required to your existing assets, policies and savings, including:

Retirement Planning

  • We'll look at your pension portfolio, assess your pension forecast(s), and plan how to make the most of your retirement savings.

Children's Education

  • Funding your children’s education can be expensive, especially with the new rises in University fees. We'll help you assess and include this cost into your plan.

Estate Planning

  • Your plan will include those important decisions about your estate, including making wills, succession planning and Inheritance Tax liabilities. (For more details see our Estate Planning page).

Investments and Properties

  • We'll examine your existing financial policies including life insurance, medical insurance, etc, and ensure they fully meet your current and future needs.

Tax Strategies

  • We'll assess your finances and propose the most tax efficient ways to manage your wealth.

Risk and Timings

  • We'll always devise your financial plan at a level of risk you're happy with, and be realistic when devising timescales for implementing your plan.

Tax Planning and Will Writing are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Once the plan is in place, it's time to take Action...

Stage 3 - Action

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I've known Paul for over 5 years. Paul is friendly, relaxed and a pleasure to deal with. He is extremely knowledgable and serious about financial planning which makes the process stressfree and I feel very confident about the plans in place to maximise my income, particularly during retirement.