Stage 3. Action

This stage is when we help you put your plan into action. It's the start of your financial journey from current lifestyle to how you want to live the rest of your life. It's an exciting times as you start to see your goals shape up, and your financial future becoming more secure.

Your financial plan will leave no stone unturned, and could include:

  • Adjusting your current savings and investments to improve their yield
  • Widening your scope of investments
  • Making adjustments in your general budget
  • Drawing down money from some of your assets
  • Creating trusts and funds to ensure your personal assets are protected if you fall ill or die
  • Altering personal policies or plans such as pensions, life cover, ISAs or savings, to align them to your goals
  • Transfer of assets to family members as part of your Inheritance Tax strategy

Whatever the requirements are, the Panthera team will help you make the changes required, and assistance is just a phone call away.

Once your plan is happening, you need to Stay On Track to keep the momentum going and ensure everything is moving smoothly towards your goals.

What are Asset Classes Video Stage 4 - Stay on Track

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The plan has enabled us to identify key times where our finances will impact on our lifestyle and as it is a live plan we can see where we can make changes in time to ensure we meet our long term objectives.

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