The effects of COVID-19 on Retirement planning

The effects of COVID-19 on Retirement planning

A significant number of people aged over 50 and in work are potentially considering delaying retirement (15%) by an average of three years, or will continue working
indefinitely on a full or part-time basis (26%), as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research. 

Retirement planning is not a 'one-and-done' excercise. It's much better to think of it as fluid and as requiring regular revision. To give yourself the best chance of achieving your retirement investment goals, the right mix of asset classes is essential. 

Thinking ahead to your retirement and plans for future?

It’s always important to think ahead to retirement and plan for the future, and even more so as we face up to the coronavirus crisis. People should not rush into making
life-changing financial decisions and should obtain professional financial advice.

The good new is we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages so that you can consider the options and know you’re making the best informed decisions for your situation. 

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The plan has enabled us to identify key times where our finances will impact on our lifestyle and as it is a live plan we can see where we can make changes in time to ensure we meet our long term objectives.