Stage 1. Life

Financial planning involves commitment on both sides, so we first ask you take some time out of your working day to plan ahead.

Away from the daily bustle of your business, we sit down and discuss your life ambitions whether this is personal, family or work related. We listen to what you want to achieve, and help you identify and prioritise what is really important. This may sound a little 'fluffy', but it's essential to work out what needs to be funded and what can be left out of the equation.

So, feel free to talk about everything you want to do moving forward; extended holidays, properties abroad, charitable causes, voluntary work, or just more time with the grandkids or on the golf course! It's your lifestyle, after all.

We'll also take time to go over your existing wealth management provisions.

From all this information, we'll build a comprehensive overview that will inform and inspire our next stage

Stage 2 - Design Business Exit Planning

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I've known Paul for over 5 years. Paul is friendly, relaxed and a pleasure to deal with. He is extremely knowledgable and serious about financial planning which makes the process stressfree and I feel very confident about the plans in place to maximise my income, particularly during retirement.