Is Your Money Being Used to Improve Your Life?
Make money work for you, not the other way round

 28 August 2020
Is Your Money Being Used to Improve Your Life?

With ROL, money becomes a tool to help you live the life you want. Accumulating as much wealth as possible is no longer the primary objective of your financial plan.

The traditional path to saving and investing has been to:

  • focus on the future (retirement) and
  • rely solely on numbers and return on investment (ROI)

However, this approach doesn’t consider your individual circumstances. “Beating the market” is often an artificial objective because it is not likely to have a substantive impact on your own, unique situation. Consider this: what does beating the market by one percent less (or more) actually impact on how you live your life?


Money as a utility

Money does not exist for its own sake. Money exists as a utility that we can use to improve our lives. How your returns compare to any index, fund, investment category, or another person are less consequential than whether you are meeting your own ROL goals. Measure your success against your objectives, not someone else’s.

Call us at Panthera Wealth to discuss your unique situation. Together we can plan forward, to make your money help you achieve your goals, ambitions and aspirations. 023 9226 8969.


A relevant financial plan

To start using money as a tool, you need to develop a financial plan that considers the following:

  • How much do you currently have invested?
  • What is your current cash flow?
  • What transitions are you currently experiencing, or expect to experience (e.g. paying down debt, divorce, concern about illness, job loss, retirement, purchasing a home, providing financial assistance to a family member)?
  • Do you feel comfortable with your level of financial obligations (e.g. housing expenses, leisure activities, and healthcare expenses)?

By incorporating these factors into your planning, you can begin to understand what needs to change (or not change) in order to live the best life possible without overextending yourself. You may even be pleasantly surprised to learn you can enjoy the fruits of your labours sooner than expected!


The where and the why

In order to enjoy ROL, you need to understand where all your money is coming from and where all your money is going - and why.

Understanding the “why” enables you to create a plan that works for you and your individual circumstances. You may be living above your means and need to make changes to your lifestyle. Or you may already have enough and be able to take a trip or enjoy another experience you have been putting off.

Together with Panthera Wealth, you can address the following questions:

  • What challenges and opportunities am I currently facing?
  • What key transitions are looming on the horizon?

Your answers to these questions will determine the inflow and outflow of money, as well as your financial progress or decline. Knowing your age, and how long you expect to live isn’t enough to develop a financial plan that works.


Money serves you

With ROL, you don’t give up the best of life or the best parts of yourself just to get money. The money is there to serve you, not vice versa. Instead of focusing on someone else’s definition of success, write our own. ROL puts quality before quantity by managing your assets in a way that improves your life and provides peace of mind.

We all have different values and principles regarding money. Each of us has a history, present circumstances, and future hopes that are unique. By focusing only on numbers, we miss enjoying life now and, in the future, because we only concentrate on accumulating wealth. A financial plan designed with ROL as its foundation is designed to build freedom, relieve the pressure of ROI-focused planning, and ensure your plan meets your goals.

There is no greater freedom, and no greater wealth, than living the best life you can with the money you have.


So what next?

We’ve just launched an exciting new tool called the Return On Life Planning Tool. It consists of 20 questions that are grouped into three categories: Well-Being, Progress, and Freedom. Based on your responses, the ROL tool creates a measure of your life satisfaction.

It only takes 5 minutes to complete the ROL Planning Assessment and receive your free personalised report. You might be surprised by the results! Just click the link below to start!

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We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part the initial implementation of your Financial Lifestyle Planning project. The benefits of this project are clear and we would highly recommend this process to others.

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